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Founded in 2001, Tafta is a rock group of Swiss origin.


At the end of 2014, the group announced its desire to put an end to the scene, leaving no clue about a possible return. 


Far from the spotlight, the 5 musicians of Tafta continued to meet to work on their next project, while exploring new sounds and melodies, in English this time.


It was in 2021, to celebrate their 20th anniversary and their big comeback, that the group released their 5th album “Roller coaster”, which is a mixture of energy representing the whirlwinds of life, the roller coasters, the great thrills . 


TAFTA is also 4 previous albums:


  • Updated to 9 – 2012, this opus offers a superb highlighting of TAFTA pieces accompanied by arrangements for string quartet, which gives it a more acoustic sound and atmosphere with the same energy specific to the group.

  • Fundamental – 2010, directed by Tafta and Michel Dierickx, recorded at the ICP studio in Brussels (Stephen Eicher, Alain Bashung, Indochina) and mastered by Raph i.n.g in Paris. It was also that year that the group won the victory for French-speaking Swiss music. The preparation of the “Fundamental Tour” was carried out during a residency with the support of the FCMA under the direction of Philippe Prohom (Chantier des Francos).

  • Un jour une vie – 2007, directed by Tafta and Steve Lyon (Depeche Mode, The Cure, Suzanne Vega), as well as mastered by Andy VanDette of Masterdisk in New York, a reference in the field.

  • Entre ciel et terre – 2004, directed by Tafta, recorded, mixed and mastered by Benoît Kaufmann. 


All these albums have allowed the group to play more than 400 dates in Switzerland, France and Belgium and to share its energy with the public on prestigious stages (Paléo Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, NRJ Music Tour, Bex Rock Festival, Le Reservoir in Paris, Le Botanique in Brussels, Festival Voix de fête, Lucelle Sonore, Rock'Oz Arènes, L'Estivale Open Air) and much more.


And it's not finished !

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